It’s a webcomic about things, but mainly videogames. BUT! The chapel isn’t your average badly drawn comic about video games, it has been hand crafted by no award winning Ryan Dixon (AKA. Fatherlorris) deep within the welsh countryside. The chapel is also low fat and free of all artificial sweeteners so you can consume it all day and guilt free!
I don’t know, it’s up to you folks! I’m all up for suggestions, Patreon? Donations? Whatever it is I want to be completely transparent. If you have any ideas, post it up on my subreddit!
A collection of characters that have not and will never appear in my comics

Mr fizzbang is the main protagonist of the comics, he can often be found getting into all sorts of wacky scrapes and situations. Will he ever find the wizard that stole his legs?

Known for the low buzzing noise that she produces within your computer’s hard drive, Graaa Fump is solely responsible for the lack of autoplay music on the chapel.

Blek is the Mr fizzbang’s lifelong companion, often the sensible one in any situation. He isn’t really very funny but the comic would be really fucking shit if he wasn’t in it. Catchphrases include ‘Hello, what can I do for you today?’ and ‘Yes’.

A samurai warrior that has no face, she is the main antagonist of The Chapel. Often her plans are thwarted in a comical fashion by our endearing heros. She is also responsible for all the spelling misteaks in The Chapel.
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