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Secondary Power Problems     Victoria 2
Decadence     Crusader Kings 2
Poland Ball     Misc.
First Impressions     Elder Scrolls: Online
Of Forts and Floods     Emperor:rotmk
Coalition     Europa Universalis 4
Tactical Espionage Action     Sniper Elite V2
Spymaster     Crusader Kings 2
Charlemagne     Crusader Kings 2
Medieval Economics     Crusader Kings 2
Center of Reformation     Europa Universalis 4
New Realms     Crusader Kings 2
Dwarven Architecture     Dwarf Fortress
Garrison     Europa Universalis 4
East to Westernisation     Europa Universalis 4
About Boats     Age of Empires 2
Easy Siegey     Crusader Kings 2
The Heir     Europa Universalis 4
Meet Dogmeat     Fallout 4
Scenic Route     Victoria 2
The New Villager     Animal Crossing
Diplomatic Feedback     Europa Universalis 4
The Fall of Communism     Victoria 2
The Fall of Capitalism     Victoria 2
Dwarven Channelling     Dwarf Fortress
Teemo     League of Legends
Message From America     Europa Universalis 4
Bane of the hall builder     Dwarf Fortress
Fortress of Fortitude     Europa Universalis 4
Friendship Is Magicka     Magicka
Supply Limit     Crusader Kings 2
Romance     Harvest Moon
Religious League     Europa Universalis
The Stardew Cycle     Stardew Valley
Attacking the Drakken     Endless Legends
The Scramble For Nowhere     Victoria 2
Rebuilding Tropico     Tropico
County Conflicts     Crusader Kings 2
First Contact     Stellaris
The Sector Governor     Stellaris
Unite Nationale     Hearts of Iron 4
Dwarven Immigration     Dwarf Fortress
Battle of the Sand     Hearts of Iron 4
United Front     Hearts of Iron 4

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