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These paragons of piety
help keep The Chapel alive by donating 10$ a month.

Jeroen Koerts

Christopher May-Townsend
awaiting portrait request

awaiting portrait request

Lilith Wroth


Nik Zabukovšek

Reed Macy

awaiting portrait request
The great holy bishops
of The Chapel each selflessly donate 5$ a month.

Tanner Vandermeulen

Justin Currie
awaiting request

Sindre Søberg

Nick Boll

Finn Günther
awaiting request


Curtis Anderson
awaiting request

Patton George

Markus Klyver
awaiting request

Brian Kelleher


Steven de Grijs
awaiting request

Andrew Toth
awaiting request

Jonathan Bagley

Sverre Olsen
awaiting request

Jack Merriman

awaiting request

Greg MacDonald
awaiting request

Viktor Tärnholm
awaiting request

Adam Buchan-Wyber
awaiting request
These men and women
have guaranteed their place in heaven by donating.

Rasmus ModighKaitlyn SpragueTimothy MasonMyles V. BarrosAndreasSebastian GsellSimon ToogoodDaniel NewtonDynaphusAlex DocauerYoshihisa TagawaKostekJustin HowellChris 'TheChrisD' Daly
Bishop Emeritus
The bishop emeritus
have donated in the past, and we are eternally grateful.

AlbinAleenaCiaran MaddenDa9LDDRjakeFrontierSimon ToogoodJakob ZaborowskiLuca MohrPavel ChistyakovMarcus VogtMason LangeSpencer VosThomas BeattySipos Trisztán
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